"The customer experience is the next competitive battleground."
Jerry Gregoire, CIO, Dell Computers

Today, recruitment is one of the main concerns for any company, nationally or internationally. It is increasingly more difficult to find the right calibre of personal, not only with the right technical skillset but also with the right personality fit.

We at Future Search Group combine both elements in a very thorough way. We have the technical experts that have been working in various fields and can hence understand what the client is looking for. 30+ years’ experience in managing personal and working with intercultural teams helps us to provide the right calibre for any.

We do not have a seniority specialism, but skillset specialism. Hence we can provide candidates from a more junior end with 3+ years’ experience but also 15+ years executive level appointments are part of our portfolio. Due to our long-term career building philosophy we are in touch with our candidates for a number of years and have hence already built strong relationships that can again be used by our clients to reach their potential targets.


This is how we work:


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